New Bridge for Kinnaird Bluffs

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kinnaird bridge4Kinnaird Bluffs has seen yet more love this past week with the replacement of the decrepit, rotting bridge that linked the car pull-out to the access trail.

Volunteers yanked out the old bridge and replaced it with a solid one built by TAWKROC director Dave Lussier using pressure-treated lumber.

The initiative was spurred by The Association of West Kootenay Rock Climbers and the organization also doled out the $90 for the lumber. A huge thanks goes out to the volunteers who included Castelgar climbers Graham Cocksedge and Laurel Tench, Nelson rope gun Marley Bassett and TAWKROC directors Vince Hempsall and Dave Lussier.

It took Dave a few days to build and paint the bridge and the other four spent about 1.5 hours removing the bridge and installing the new one. The old bridge literally disintegrated when it was pulled from the bank and any boards with nails in them were removed from the site. A small portion of the bank was dug away to provide a foundation for 2 three-foot pieces of 4x4s and the ends of the new bridge is now affixed to those with screws. The new bridge is now higher than the old one and, given it’s solidly built structure, should last for years to come.

This marks yet one more step in the process to upgrade Kinnaird Bluffs, one of the oldest rock climbing areas in the entire province. With the help of CASBC, TAWKROC continues to replace old, warn anchors at the crag.

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