An annual membership to TAWKROC only costs $10 but it comes with innumerable benefits.

  1. Your membership helps with upgrading and replacing bolts, anchors and other hardware so climbers stay safe.
  2. A percentage of annual dues goes towards equipment to help maintain and clean routes, and access trails (all labour is volunteer, however).
  3. Growing our membership helps preserve access to our crags. In fact, were it not for the members of TAWKROC, we wouldn’t have been able to purchase Kinnaird Bluffs, and soon Waterline Walls, to ensure people can enjoy them in perpetuity.
  4. And finally, hey, it’s only $10. That’s the price of two cappuccinos. Or two bolts with┬áhangers. Only two! In fact, we suggest you become a member and also consider donating a bit extra on our Donation page so we can re-bolt and build multiple routes that are longer than what two bolts allow.

Becoming a member of TAWKROC is a 2-step process:

  1. Fill in the form below and press the “Sign Me Up” button
  2. Go to your email inbox where you’ll find an email that says, “Welcome to TAWKROC.” (If you don’t see it in your inbox, try your Spam folder.) In that email you’ll find directions for how to e-transfer the $10 membership fee.