3D Map of Kinnaird Bluffs

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Earlier this month TAWKROC director Yann Troutet and Ian Dennis spent a day mapping Kinnaird Bluffs in Castlegar. The result is this amazing 3D model that users can zoom in and flip around. Be sure to expand it to full screen in order to see the excellent detail.

Ian flew the drone and did all the image processing and 3-D modelling on behalf of the Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre. Yann helped plan the flight mission and do some of the ground logistics. According to Yann, “it was a bit too windy to fly low…so there are too few horizontal views of the faces done. Consequently, the model shows vertical stretching in some parts.”

Still, it’s really amazing to be able to spin this model and see all the walls such as Yellow Sling, Hail Mary, Whirlwind, Open Book, Polished and others from various angles. What you won’t see in detail are the properties surrounding Kinnaird Bluffs. “They have been blurred, for privacy and aesthetic concerns,” Yann says.

This model is still a work in progress and the intent is to add new horizontal photography, which could better refine the model’s cliff faces, and there’s also the plan to draw route lines on the model to have a climbing topo version of it. This is currently under the “Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International” license, which means even though this is in its early stages, it can be shared.

We hope you enjoy playing with this 3D model of Kinnaird Bluffs as much as we do!

Kinnaird Blur
by IanD_SGRC
on Sketchfab